Company Background

Vela Promotions was founded in 2003 by Mr Velaphi Ngema who prides himsevela_backgroundlf with an extensive experience within the same industry. Vela Promotions is 100% black and youth owned, is also empowerdex rated as a level three contributor -110% procurement recognition. At this day and age where time money and business is ever more complex. Vela Promotions offers a professional and reliable service from corporate identity development, branding, through to the provision of all your promotional and marketing products, sourcing and distribution.


Nature of Business

Vela Promotions is a company owned by a young and energetic African South African man, driven
and inspired by a New Democratic South Africa.The owner of the company has been and still a part of
changes in the country as a result this company is a response on a call for job creation and unemployment fight.